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The SillDry Story

Commercial building and scaffolding
Kieran McMahon

Putting an end to Water Intrusion

American inventing duos have literally changed the world. From Hewlett & Packard (HP), Gates & Allen (Microsoft), Jobs & Wozniak (Apple) to Ben & Jerry (ice cream), innovation is often the combination of two people with passion, determination and complementary skill-sets. Today, the construction industry has Glickman & McMahon. SillDry is the combination of their decades of expertise in advanced manufacturing and construction.

Kieran McMahon knew the construction industry needed a solution to the damage caused by water intrusion. Kieran’s career in the construction business has spanned more than 30 years, and he is recognized as an expert in the integration of exterior cladding systems. He has earned the respect of architects, general contractors, builders, and distributors - all of whom have sought his technical advice. Throughout the years, he remediated many buildings damaged by water intrusion and knew the damage could be prevented with better window and door flashing. He was inspired by the necessity and was driven to create a solution.

The Rodon Group manufacturing plant
Joel Glickman
The Rodon Group
K'NEX, a division of Basic Fun, Inc.

Engineering the perfect partnership

Kieran knew he couldn’t do it without a manufacturing partner. Serendipity intervened when McMahon met Joel Glickman at a job site. As Kieran described the real problems that cause water damage to structures, Joel became intrigued and excited about turning this idea into reality. They had a joint “Eureka moment.”

Besides being a brilliant product designer and entrepreneur, Joel is tremendously creative. Among his prior accomplishments is his invention of K’NEX®, the globally popular building toy. K’NEX® has not only won more than 300 awards for creativity, precision and STEM leadership, it’s also used to teach architecture and engineering at leading universities. Joel leads a team of experts in thermoplastics engineering and injection molding at The Rodon Group. Rodon has provided high-volume, custom plastic injection molding solutions since 1956 and is proud to be SillDry’s manufacturing partner. Joel knows how to take an idea from a design to a prototype to a solution, so it was only natural that when Joel heard Kieran’s idea, he became consumed by its potential. Together, they got to work on what would become the future of window and door flashing. What began as an idea quickly blossomed into SillDry.

Their Solution

In the end, Joel and Kieran had a product that answered every concern they’d had with traditional flashing. And a product that could save an industry in crisis. They knew the solution they sought was the solution the construction industry needed. It was SillDry.

  • Quick and
  • one-piece
  • Pre-sloped
  • Precision
  • Accordion-style
  • Immunity
    to the
  • Built-in

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