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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SillDry Made Out Of?

It is made out of Thermoplastic Olefin (TPO) - the material that is used to manufacture car bumpers and rubber roofs.

Is SillDry just for stucco homes?

No - SillDry is designed to be used with every kind of exterior cladding, including, brick, stone, siding, stucco and any other exterior system that is on your building.

Is SillDry just for windows?

No - while SillDry works great on windows, SillDry is the perfect flashing solution for all punched openings from 18” on up - that includes doors, windows, PTAC units or any opening you want to make sure is protected from water.

How does SillDry work?

Using the patented Smart Accordion Technology, SillDry expands to custom fit your rough opening without any need for taping or gluing or cutting on site. That makes for zero waste and for use in all weather conditions.

Where is SillDry made?

SillDry is 100% Precision Made in the USA at The Rodon Group, an advanced manufacturing facility.

does silldry have a patent?

Yes, SillDry has a patent on its one-piece flashing. Our patent
number is US 10,900,272 B2  issued on January 26, 2021. 

What does SillDry cost?

SillDry is generally 30%-50+% less expensive than your current installation process. Contact us for a detailed quote and we will show you the SillDry Advantage.

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Why is SillDry better than using another method to seal in your windows and doors?

SillDry is a zero waste solution that you can typically install in under 30 seconds in any weather condition (including rain and snow) at temps 30 below zero to 130 degrees. With a built in slope, Smart Accordion Technology, and built in shims, all the work is already done for you. The main other flashing is a series of tapes that is very labor intensive, can’t be done when the weather is too cold, too hot, or even when it’s raining.

Does SillDry meet the building code requirements?

Yes - SillDry meets and exceeds the 2018 ICC and IRC building codes. Specifically SillDry meets and exceeds the 2018 IBC Code section 1404.4, 2018 IRC code section R703.4 as well as the ASTM standard set forth in ASTM E2112-07.

Can SillDry be used with replacement windows?

Yes. As long as you are replacing the window and its entire frame you can use SillDry. The only time you can’t use SillDry is when you are using a replacement window insert and using the existing frame.

Can you use SillDry with doors?

Yes. Highly recommended for use with all exterior door systems.

Why do I need to add an additional 1” to the manufacturer’s recommended rough opening height?

SillDry has a nominal height of  1” to create the built in slope to exterior as required by ASTM. No additional work is required on site for installation.

When should i order silldry?

Our lead time is typically 1-2 weeks however the best time to place an order for SillDry is at the same time you are ordering your windows.