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  • Self Leveling
  • Requires No Assembly
    Requires No Assembly
  • Versatile Design
    Versatile Design Compatible with Membrane Drainage Systems, New Residential and Commercial Construction, Wood Framing and Steel Stud

Save hours on labor with near-instant installs.

How much time does it take to flash just a single window or door frame properly? Too long. SillDry reduces flashing-installation times not by a quarter, third, or even half. It cuts time spent flashing frames to mere fractions of what you ever believed was possible.

Imagine how much you’ll save on labor when your crew can flash more window and door frames in significantly less time. And they can do it without any wasted material and in all weather conditions.

SillDry’s one-piece adjustable design requires no on-site cutting. Its built-in slope helps eliminate the need for shimming or planing. IRC and IBC code compliance is part of the design. And only two connection points mean installations are so quick and intuitive that any member of your crew can become an instant flashing expert.

Try SillDry once and you’ll never again look back to messy flashing tape or field cut sill pans. This is not your ordinary flashing product. It’s the revolutionary flashing solution the construction industry has needed, and now finally has.