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Benefits of Choosing SillDry

Protection offered by your building envelope—the physical barrier between internal and external environments—is only as good as its component parts. Defective or insufficient sealing components, especially around openings such as doors, windows, and vents, allow water to seep into the interior of the building where it can cause a variety of issues.

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These issues may include:

  • Building damage. Waterproofing and sealing components such as flashing protect the interior of the building from the intrusion of water and moisture at transition points. Missing or poorly installed flashing may allow water to enter the interior, resulting in potential mold, rot, and corrosion of critical building materials. Moisture damage of this sort is commonly hidden behind walls and other interior finishes, and thus easy to overlook. If left untreated, repeated water intrusion can compound the damage and affect the structural integrity of the building.
  • Health risks. Poor sealing components facilitate water intrusion into dark, hidden areas behind walls and under floors. Without repairs, the increased moisture levels can result in the incursion of mold and other microbes that are harmful to human health. Continuous exposure to mold and mildew may cause cough, runny nose, wheezing, and asthma. Once established, mold and rot often demand expensive remediation to protect the health of building occupants. 
  • Increased costs. Repairing a simple seal may seem like a relatively affordable expense, but extended exposure of building materials to moisture can result in extremely high repair costs. In addition, some health problems caused by rot and mold can be very serious and last for long periods of time, resulting in additional costs for occupant healthcare.

Why use SillDry?

Fortunately, SillDry offers a simple flashing solution that prevents water intrusion through the combined engineering expertise and inventiveness of founders Kieran McMahon and Joel Glickman. In partnership with The Rodon Group, an established U.S. plastic injection molding company, the founders of SillDry engineered and fabricated a flashing product to meet and exceed the most stringent industry standards and regulations.

SillDry design innovation

Design Innovation

SillDry's patented design combines easy one-step installation with a built-in sloped sill 0.5 inches, or 7.5 degrees, to meet ASTM standards and 2018 flashing building codes. Precision engineered drainage channels ensure that any moisture that collects in the sill is redirected back outside, while a raised dam on the interior edge provides a barrier to prevent water from entering the interior. The raised dam also allows for easy installation of insulation, when necessary. 

SillDry is created to easily adapt to a variety of window shapes and sizes, from 18 inches up to 12 feet. Engineered for easy leveling and centering, the design integrates into a drainage plane without interruption, providing a watertight seal around all openings.

SillDry cost savings

Cost Savings

SillDry's innovative accordion design allows for quick installation without the need for on-site assembly. The one-piece, easy-to-install design makes it possible for contractors to scale back labor costs during the building process. The design also uses less material than traditional flashing methods, reducing overall material costs. SillDry can be installed in any weather without adverse effects, which helps to avoid expensive project delays.

SillDry precision engineered


SillDry is specially engineered to meet the needs of contractors and designers. Our patented drainage design combined with a built-in raised-back dam with 7.5 degree slope and shims make SillDry very versatile. It is perfect for use with membrane drainage systems, wood frames, steel studs, and all common residential and commercial construction materials. The smart accordion-expansion design ensures that SillDry will fit almost any opening.

SillDry durable construction

Durable Construction

SillDry is composed of injection-molded thermoplastic olefin (TPO), for an extremely durable and waterproof seal. TPO exhibits a high resistance to temperature fluctuations, and is UV- and impact-resistant, ensuring that the seal will withstand regular exposure to harsh outdoor conditions.

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SillDry is dedicated to providing innovative door and window flashing solutions for both commercial and residential customers. Our goal is to help our customers ensure reliably sealed openings at a fraction of the cost. To request a demonstration of our innovative sealing technology, contact us today.

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