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SillDry Installation

Water exposure can cause damage to integral structural components and infrastructure within an improperly sealed building envelope. The potential consequences of water intrusion may include weakened structural supports, corroded metal parts, and harmful mold or mildew growth. However, properly installed window and door flashing can protect the building envelope from unwanted water intrusion.

Installation costs and procedures vary depending on the type of flashing solution used. Traditional sill pans and adhesive tapes often require costly, labor-intensive installation. SillDry, however, provides an easy, affordable solution.

SillDry Installation

Comparison of Flashing Installation Processes 

Let’s take a closer look at why builders choose SillDry’s fast, easy installation over that of traditional materials.

Traditional Sill Pans

Traditional sill pans require a kit for proper installation. The additional required components create opportunities for error. Some of these components include: 

  • Flashing tape. This approach does not have the appropriate slope for water to drain to the outside and doesn’t include a back dam to prevent air and water intrusion. Flashing tape sill pans are also easily damaged when installers slide the door into place. 
  • Simpler. Even with a proper sill pan installation, it’s sometimes difficult to determine which caulk or sealant will provide an effective moisture barrier and meet building codes. 

The cost of installing sill pans can be expensive, and varies depending on the pan’s material type. Metal and copper sill pans can be expensive to purchase and install, and plastic pans require an even more labor-intensive installation process. 

Adhesive Tapes

Contractors commonly use adhesive tape during door and window installation, but these tapes don’t offer any significant savings in terms of time or money. Some of the disadvantages of adhesive tapes include:

  • Skilled labor. Every layer of tape needs to be precisely measured, cut, and installed by hand to prevent water intrusion. A successful installation requires well-trained workers who understand this process.  
  • Time-intensive. Tape-based sealing is a tedious process in the best of circumstances. Rain or other inclement weather can easily delay installation, as this method requires a dry climate and low winds. 
  • Excessive waste. Adhesive tape should be cut to precisely fit each installation area. This results in significant material waste, which may ultimately increase project expenses.


SillDry is a faster, easier, and cheaper solution to prevent water intrusion. The accordion design of SillDry ensures that it will fit within spaces ranging from 18 inches to 12 feet, eliminating the need for specific measurements. SillDry also meets and exceeds all relevant 2018 ICC and IRC building codes. Some of the benefits of SillDry include:

  • Simplicity. Many traditional sill pans require on site assembly. SillDry arrives in one-piece to the job site requiring no on-site assembly.  With the one-piece accordion design, installation merely requires a single point of attachment on each side of the opening. This simplified process reduces training requirements.  
  • Speed. SillDry’s accordion design requires no on-site assembly, saving time during the installation process. The pre-sloped sills avoid the need for shims, the product’s ability to fit into virtually any size opening eliminates the need for measuring and cutting. SillDry can be installed in any weather, mitigating the risk of delays due to harsh weather or seasonal changes.
  • Affordability. SillDry features lower installation costs, reduced labor needs, and less material waste. The accordion fit also expands and contracts with temperature and weather fluctuations, which helps avoid cracking, and saves money on long-term replacements.



See How SillDry Can Protect Your Building Envelope

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