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Client Testimonials




SillDry Testimonial


Edwin Woolson, EEC

"Installation is a breeze, two nails, DONE! No need to tilt the framing, build in drain. I am 100% sure these window installs will remain watertight for the life of the window."

Incredibly Easy to Use

Jon Hoin, Superintendent for CCS

"In my 24 years in construction I have not used a better product than SillDry. The ease of setting windows and doors with this product makes installation so much easier."

SillDry Testimonial


Love Your Product!

Creative Pro Remodeling

"Love your product! I just used it for the first time and it has immediately replaced the other sill pans that we were using. and even the inspector liked it and asked where he could tell contractors to get it. "


Peter Balin, Hagen Construction

"SillDry was a great solution in eliminating potential aluminum sill flashing problems which are common. "

SillDry Testimonial

One-piece Smart Accordion Technology®- Fits all Window and Door Sizes

Phil Neff, VP, Sales, Manning Materials Corp.

"SillDry is a one-piece pan flashing so that water gets directed to the proper place, which is the drainage plane. It’s adjustable, it fits many ready size doors and windows."

Built in Slope – Exceeds all Code Requirements

Jon Hoin, Superintendent for CCS

"SillDry makes the ease of installing windows and doors so much easier due to the fact that you no longer have to slope your sills or thresholds in order to set your windows. All you have to do is frame them square and true, level and plum, and install SillDry. It’s as simple as that!"

SillDry Testimonial

SillDry Testimonial

Work with SillDry in all weather conditions – No lost time on the job

Phil Neff, VP, Sales, Manning Materials Corp.

"Another thing that I like about this product is that is can be done in all weather. Summertime, springtime, obviously no problem, but when we get into the colder temperatures like we are in right now, our liquid flashings do not work. We cannot apply it in very cold weather."

Rest easy: Your building is protected by SillDry

Jon Hoin, Superintendent for CCS

"On the project I am currently working on we have installed over 350 windows and to this point we have not had one issue with SillDry. That is the main factor when using SillDry compared to other products. I can rest easy knowing that this product will last for many years and we will not have to come back to repair any issues with water infiltrating windows and doors."

SillDry Testimonial

SillDry Testimonial

A Home Run

Phil Neff, VP, Sales, Manning Materials Corp.

"It’s really a home run in my book, it checks off every box, every concern that I have seen in our industry."

My Supers Love It

Edwin Mahoney, Owner, E.B. Mahoney Builders

"SillDry has become a standard product for us. We are using it on all jobs. The presentation by the staff was informative. My supers love it."



We Will Continue to Specify This Product

Mario Rivera, Project Manager, HOW General Contracting

"We have used the product on several projects and are satisfied with the results. Properly installed, it resolves the water issues at the base of the windows. We will continue to specify this product on our projects."

You Can't Mess This Up

Sal Spatola, Spatola Estates LLC

"Product is awesome and ease of use. You can't mess this up. Went a little extra flashed over the seams and caulked the edges to the 2x6 along with caulking the screw threads for both sides before driving them in. Also the customer service is top notch and they reply super fast. Will use on all my upcoming projects. Used for window and patio door."



Exactly What I've Been Looking For

Charlie Woods

"I'm very impressed!  It's exactly what I've been looking for - a durable, one-piece-yet-adjustable, purpose built solution to window and door sill flashing.  I'll definitely be ordering these for my renovation once I get a final count.  I've recently used the flex/flashing tape method and, while it works, I'm not impressed with the results or the cost.  I've already shown the product to friends, co-workers and soon to my good friend who is also a home improvement contractor."